Un Craciun Fericit!

Un Craciun Fericit si La multi ani pe 2014!

sursa: coperta revistei Boys Life, decembrie 1913,  Norman Rockwell [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

"Santa Claus has had an accident. He is lying in the snow, just as surprised about his predicament as anyone else.
Luckily for Santa (and all the little boys and girls) two Boy Scouts happen by the scene. They help him out of the snowdrift, which was no mean feat by itself.
Santa doesn't appear to be injured. If he were, though, he would be in the right hands. Boy Scouts are trained in First Aid and always prepared.
It looks like the Boy Scouts will help Santa pick up his wrapped presents out of the snow and stuff them back in his magic bag. Thanks to the Boy Scouts, Christmas will be wonderful for all the good little boys and girls."

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